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Rides with shuttles


These tours can be achieved by everyone, in half-day or a full daytime.

After a departure in minibus, let the river stream lead you down to the club through the Solençon arm and the islands of Francis the 1st's Royal Park. The perfect thing to do with family or friends !


Remember to call us 48 hours before you ride in order to book the shuttle.

Garde-Moulin (3h - 11 km)


Put in at the foot of "Garde Moulin" castle. You will navigate at you own pace, on the former path which was once used by the "Gabare" boats. 


The luxurious vegetation inspired numerous poems, now it's your turn to write yours.

Castles of Cognac's countryside
(1/2 day - 13 km)


Put in at the foot of Bourg-Charente castle, on the central square of a typical village of Charente.


Along your way down, you will be able to discover 6 different castles :  Bourg-Charente, Garde Moulin, Châtenay, Bagnolet, Francis the 1st

The eaux-de-vie downriver tour
(day - 17 km)


In a daytime, you will paddle down the Charente from Jarnac two Cognac, the two most important cities of the cognac's history.


Bring your picnic with you and enjoy your lunch on the riverbank !

The Antenne river

Wonderful tributary of the Charente, the Antenne river is a rare natural environmental, located only a few miles away from Cognac.


The course are offered according to water levels, feel free to contact us for further information !

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