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On-site Rentals

Without booking, visit us at any time of the day to relax and enjoy the beauty and the coolness of the river...

Cognac quays (3 km - 1h)


Discover the must-see Trade Houses and the port, which shaped the History and culture of the city since its creation, form a unique point of view.


Relive the loading of the "gabares", which used to transport the cognac to the Charente estuary.


Islands of the Francis I Royal Park  
(3 km - 1h)



At the heart of Cognac, come and discover the magic nature of the Galoche and the Marquise Islands, at the foot of the Royal Park of Francis I.

Enjoy the shade and the freshness of this place, perfect for hot summer days...

The Solençon (8km - 2h)

The river Charente was once winding and made of numerous small arms. At the city's doorstep, you can still discover the last one.  You will feel like in another world  !


This route is ideal for all nature lovers.


To come back, you will paddle down through the islands of the Francis I Park.

Coming back through the islands of the Francis I Park.

The Charenton (8km - 2h)


The Charenton is another wild arm of the Charente, above the town of Merpins, and its old Feudal Motte.

Come and discover these peaceful, cool and shady pieces of nature.


You will feel these two distinct atmospheres: the tranquil countryside of Cognac until Merpins, then the "Saintonge" and its coastal influence when you leave the Charenton.


You can come back to the club by shuttle: ask our drivers for disponibility !

Le Charenton - "Green loop"
(13 km - 1/2 day)


For all the adventurers !


There is no shuttle for the return trip, you will have to paddle upstream on the main arm of the Charente.


This way, you will be able to explore longer the "saintongeais" river and countryside, while coming up to the lock of Merpins...




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